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How to Master a Board Meeting in One Hour

Written on February 21, 2020

Conducting effective board meetings play an important role in the Board of Directors’ ability to successfully govern their community. It takes a great deal of time and effort for a board meeting to run in a timely and productive manner. Moderated by Business Development Manager Laura Bryant, Castle Group held a roundtable on February 5th titled “How to Master a Board Meeting in One Hour”. The goal of this event was to give board members, committee members, and their guests a thorough overview of the steps that must be taken in order to hold an effective board meeting.

How can a community improve their board meetings?

For those who may not have been able to attend the roundtable, the panelists explained some of key aspects that are common to all effective board meetings. These key aspects can be used as a reference point for those coordinating these meetings.

An effective board meeting must:

1. Have a Clearly Defined Purpose

The purpose of the meeting may include making decisions, setting policy, solving problems, planning and evaluating, or informing the owners.

2. Be Chaired Effectively

The Chairperson’s main responsibilities consist of ensuring that the meeting stays on track, timelines are respected, everyone’s voice is heard, and goals are accomplished.

3. Follow Meeting Procedures

Meeting procedures include calling the meeting to order, establishing that there is quorum, establishing proof of notice, reviewing the agenda, reviewing and approving minutes from previous meetings, calling for motions, a seconder, discussion and voting on items, and adjournment.

4. Ensure that All Participants Have a Voice

Being an active participant in the meeting not only consists of talking, but also includes arriving on time, staying prepared by reading materials ahead of time, and maintaining respect for other opinions by avoiding interruption.

Trying to make the best of an ineffective board meeting can prove to be a tedious and seemingly useless pursuit, which can frustrate even the most composed community leaders. By putting the proper measures in place, associations can change these board meetings from hectic and unproductive to informative and constructive for all parties involved.

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