Our Mission

CastleCares® was officially formed in 2010 with the vision of developing our already strong philanthropic base. CastleCares® meets monthly with volunteers from our team of over 1,400 dedicated Castle Group employees. These compassionate individuals volunteer their time and talent to organize positive and effective ways of giving back to communities in which we serve. CastleCares® mission is to support children and families in need. Each year CastleCares® donates a percentage of our profits to various worthy organizations and contributes thousands of volunteer service hours to support those less fortunate.Castle Group is very proud of the accomplishments made possible by our outstanding, caring and giving employees through their participation in CastleCares®.

Spreading The Love

Each year CastleCares® offers support to various organizations including Boys & Girls Clubs, United Way, American Cancer Society, Community Foundation, Children Services Council, 211, Prestige Club, Urban League and many other worthy causes.

Castle's Month of Caring

Castle’s Month of Caring focuses on the donation of time – an act that encourages employees to take a hands-on approach to making a difference. In the spirit of giving back to the community, Castle’s Month of Caring is an annual event wherein employees volunteer for charitable activities. Castle’s Month of Caring promotes the company’s core values by demonstrating to employees how much positive change they can make in other people’s lives. 

We encourage all those interested in joining us to reach out to our Director of Community Relations, Cathy Donnelly at

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