developer services

Developer Services

Castle’s owners began their real estate careers in the development business. This foundation affords us a unique perspective into the needs of developer controlled associations. Balancing owner satisfaction and developer business objectives is an art. Our Developer Services Group is a resource for all of our developer clients. The experience that this team has regarding the nuances of communities and high-rises under construction is unparalleled in our industry. This industry-leading team of experts can assist with the following:

Breaking Ground: The time commitment needed to set up a new association can be vast and forces developers to allocate significant resources to this process. Our team has the acumen to guide you through the process from start to finish.

  • Document review and design
  • Budget development
  • Preparation of all financial disclosures required to be included in the Association’s offering documents
  • Calculation of developer guarantees and/or deficit funding requirements
  • Cash flow projections and management
  • Staffing plans 

Construction: While this is the “working phase” it is also the most critical. Units are being sold and new perceptions of the developer are being formed and reinforced each day. At Castle, we pride ourselves on providing Royal Service® to every resident and guest allowing for an unparalleled experience at the associations we manage. Furthermore, the foundation of our Developer Services product lies within our reporting package. In additional to weekly operational updates we provide vendor contracting services, cash flow modeling and accurate deficit funding projections. This product is also highly customizable to fit your needs.

Transition: At the Castle we believe that this should be an exciting time in the evolution of an association, and we have designed a process that allows for a smooth transition. Our preparation begins well in advance of the turnover as we educate unit owners and set proper expectations. Most of the pitfalls we have all experienced in this phase can be avoided with proper planning and education. Once again, developer resources that would normally be dedicated to this process can be allocated elsewhere.

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